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"Fully Competitive Athlete" means any persons involved in or a member of a team deemed "Fully Competitive" by Crave Athletics.


Cheer is a team sport, meaning absences at any time are extremely challenging. When one athlete is absent, their teammates don’t get the opportunity to train certain sections of the routine.


We ask all athletes to be at all scheduled team trainings and competitions. This may include extra training sessions and potential make-up lessons. It is imperative that athletes attend every training to build their; strength; flexibility; stamina; and routine consistency.

Multiple absences one month, or any absence 2 weeks prior to competition will be treated as an unexcused absence and may result in the athlete forfeiting their participation at the upcoming event (at the discretion of the coach). We do understand that naturally there may be instances where an absence is unavoidable. In the case of a suspected absence, we ask you to please fill out our
Absence Request Form 


As a member of Crave Athletics, you will always be held to a high standard of behaviour.
This will be expected of all members (including family members) in and out of the gym. Being a member of the competitive program, others look up to you for guidance and inspiration, regardless of age, team, position or relationship to an athlete.

Examples of Role Model Behaviour

Courteous Of Others
Treat All With Respect
Stand For Individuality

Displays Sportsmanship
Leads By Example
Embodies A “Team First” Mindset


Participation in training sessions may be restricted to viewing only if your account has an
outstanding balance. Balances can be checked anytime by contacting us (

All fully competitive athletes are required to enrol in one tumbling lesson per week, which is included in term fees. If for any reason a member would like to opt-out of taking the required tumbling lessons, you must gain permission from Crave Athletics. Your term fees will not change regardless of whether or not you attend the provided tumbling classes.


All fully competitive athletes agree to train and participate solely with Crave Athletics. If for any reason an athlete wants to participate in any cheerleading, tumbling, private lessons, specialty routines, or competitions, they must first gain permission from Crave Athletics before participating. Crave Athletics reserves the right to deny participation from such activities.


We take great pride in the Crave Athletics brand and the time and effort we have poured into all things Crave. With this in mind, there is to be no replication or use of any Crave Athletics logos, icons, visual elements or any other representation of Crave Athletics.

If you would like to use any Crave Athletic imagery or iconography, permission must be given by a Crave Athletics owner or director before use.

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