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Champions: Born or Built?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Are champions born or are they built? Champions have endless admirable qualities, but we'll narrow it down to three. Developing these skills, bit by bit, is the first step in building the champion mindset...

A few would argue that genetics play a role here, but does this theory define our road to success? A few more would argue yes. However these innate abilities are only a fraction of what makes a champion. So, how are champions built?

Let’s start with how all things are built, over time. This gradual process can construct anything by putting parts together. Just like the construction of a building, or the completion of a school project, each has its own pieces and parts. So what makes up a champion?

Champions have endless admirable qualities, but we’ll narrow it down to three.

The first being optimism, which means hopefulness of the future. This is the location where we store our passion for what we’re doing, and where our wildest dreams come from. All champions are optimistic, even in uncertain circumstances. Against all odd, their optimism and positivity shines through.

The next quality of a champion is communication, both delivering and receiving openly. Not only is it important to communicate effectively, but also be receptive to when listening to others communicate. This is one of the largest factors in our ability to learn, and with practice easily be strengthened.

Lastly, sacrifice. While this may (or may not) come as a surprise, champions are always faced with challenges that lead to difficult decisions. Life precariously places obstacles in our way to test our resilience and determination towards an end goal. A true champion knows how to respectfully respond to these challenges, without compromising the success of the team.

While these qualities are easy to ready, & easier to repeat, they are sometimes incredibly difficult to implement into our daily routine. Growing these skills bit by bit each day is the first step in building yourself into a champion.


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